Getting Through an Electric Gate on Shabbos

Every Friday afternoon, my friends and I go to visit a mental health center and make Kiddush and sing for the Jewish patients. By the time we leave, it is already after shkiah (sunset). In order to get out, a guard has to open the electronic door for us. I am not sure if he is Jewish or not, but since it is in Yerushalayim, there is a good chance that he is Jewish. What should I do?
Thank you.

I live in a gated community that has a gate powered by electricity. When I approach the gate, the non-Jewish guard opens the gate for me. Is it okay to go towards the gate on Shabbos?

Rav Auerbach:
At the mental health center, since the workers are probably Jewish, you should not cause them to do melachah on Shabbos. However, during bein hashemashos (i.e., within 13 minutes of sunset), you may be lenient and approach the door knowing that they will open it for you. You may not, however, ask them directly to open the door.

As far as the non-Jewish workers are concerned, even on Shabbos you may approach the gate knowing that they will open it for you. This is not considered amira l’akum, since you are not saying anything, and there is no problem of benefitting from chillul Shabbos done for a Jew, since this is not “active benefit,” as the guard is merely opening the gate so you can enter.